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Basic characteristics

Country/Region of Origin:                                                            USA
Size:                                                                                       Medium
weight:                                                                                       2-4Kg
Life Expectancy:                                                                  9-15 years
Coat Size:                                                                     Short/Medium
Color:                                                               All colors and patterns



Addictional information (Wiki):

On the cat activity scale of 1 (calm, serene) to 10 (overactive), the Bobtail receives a 7-8. Breeders claim that Bobtails are playful, friendly, energetic and extremely intelligent,but some are born scared ,not playful ,and not very fast at opening up to you .American Bobtails have dog-like personalities, often play fetch and greet their owners at the door.They are very tolerant of being picked up by younger children and handled like a sack of potatoes.They've been known to escape from closed rooms and fastened cages with Harry Houdini-type ease.

Development-Bobtails require two to three years to develop, slower than many domestic cat breeds.

General- An ideally naturally occurring hearty short-tailed cat.

Body-Moderately long and substantial; stocky; noticeable rectangular stance; boning substantial; chest full and broad; hips substantial, almost as wide as chest; hind legs longer than fore legs with large round feet which may have toe tufts.

Head-Broad wedge without flat planes; size proportionate to body; concave curve from nose to brow, or rise to prominent brow; broad unpinched muzzle; prominent whisker pads; gently sloped wide nose; full strong jaws.

Ears-Medium-sized, wide-based; equally mounted on top and side of head; with rounded tips (preferably lynx.

Eyes-almost almond shape; size proportionate to head; aperture angled to base of ear; medium wide spacing, deep sockets; color varies with coat color. Tail-End of the tail visible above the back, but not beyond the Hock, while the animal is in repose; straight, (or curved), slightly knotted or may have bumps.

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