F.A.Q. Behavior

    We will try to answer the most common questions based on users information and experiences. Share your knowledge with us if you beleive you can help with new and usefull information. Use this information only as a guide and report to us if you find something wrong. We hope you find something usefull here.




1 - My dog is afraid of me

"It is obvious that you are the top dog. You have trained your dogs vicariously to be quite submissive. Am I right in stating that you do not let..."


2 - My dog refuses to walk

"First, never pull/force the dog into walking. Pulling dogs into position only regresses them. You need to bait the dog..."


3 - My dog is peeing and pooping in house

"First of all, don't put him out. Take him out. On a leash. Potty time isn't play time. Decide on a word or phrase to use, and..."


4 - My dog just sleeps all day

"He needs some time to adjust to his new home. Its very common for a new dog to sleep most of the day and not do much when he first comes home..."


5 - My dog keeps running after other people

"Your dog shouldn't be off lead and allowed to jump on people. You teach how she is supposed to meet and greet people..."


6 - My house smells like dog

"well you will probably have to keep the dog out of the parlor, if washing the rug with carpet cleaner doesn't work you might have to..."


7 - My Dog is dog aggressive

"Fixing him may help some but I do suggest you get a proffesional trainer involved. The last thing you want is for your dog to get out of control..."


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