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F.A.Q. Behavior

    We will try to answer the most common questions based on users information and experiences. Share your knowledge with us if you beleive you can help with new and usefull information. Use this information only as a guide and report to us if you find something wrong. We hope you find something usefull here.


Dog Breeds A-Z

    We will try to accurately describe the personalities and physical characteristics of most dog breeds, and help more peolpe to make the right decision when purchasing a dog!


Rescue Dogs

    We decided to provide a list of some rescue groups to promote their great work and recommend adoption from a rescue group or shelter as a good source for obtaining a dog of the breed you have chosen. If you have a rescue website please contact us!



Choosing the "Perfect Dog" - Do you want a puppy, but don't know how to choose the right dog breed?

Choosing the right dog for you and your lifestyle is important for both of you. Do you choose a puppy or an adult? Pedigree or crossbreed? A dog may well be a part of your life for ten years or more, so it's best to do your homework and consider the options

If you are looking for a companion to match your active lifestyle, such an animal may be perfect. A dog's size, exercise requirements, friendliness, assertiveness, and compatibility with children should all figure into your decision.




Dogs Temperament - Different pedigree breeds have been perfected aiming to produce some variations in the dog temperament. However. all of them have a natural tendency to socialize with men. The training methods don't necessarily mark a difference in temper. We share a "list of Dog Breeds" so you can quickly find out the good and bad points about every popular breed. keep in mind that this is not absolute. Use the information as a guide, but we recommend you make your final decision based on background information and observation.


Protective Dogs

Dogs can either server as watch dogs or guard dogs. A watch dogs job is to bark and raise the alarm when a stranger enters your property. Many small dog breeds make great watch dogs. Whereas a guard dogs job is to look intimidating and protect his family if the situation arises.

These are the important factors you should consider when making a decision about which dog is for you.


Exercise your dog

Dogs need both physical and mental stimulation provided by their owners by daily exercise. Exercises give a dog a natural outlet for energy. They create strong bodies and good muscle tone for the pet. Lack of sufficient exercise, will result in boredom and behavioral problems.

Just letting your dog out to the backyard is not enough and does not give the exercise the dog needs. And again a brief daily walk sometimes is not enough either. Then how do you decide how much exercise your dog needs? The type of exercise you choose for your dog should depend on the age, weight, health and breed of the dog.

Also exercising with your dog creates a human-dog bond. It is a great way to show that you care about your dog and make it happy. Tired dogs are the happiest ones!