Dog Games for Winter Fun

Author : Elyse Grau

During long, cold winters, dogs and their owners may need a little more exercise. This article shows you some fun ways you can play with your dog indoors.

Some of you may have been told never to play tug of war with a dog. The fear is that it might make a dog aggressive or aggravate any possessive tendencies. Other trainers feel that there is nothing wrong with the game, as long as you follow certain rules:

1) The toy you choose must be long enough to avoid accidental injury. A thick rope with knots in the middle is good.

2) The game should be played only with the tug toy. Teach your dog a command such as "drop it" or "leave it" before you start playing. (It′s a good idea to do this even if you never intend to play tug. That way if he wants to play with your shoe, you can simply ask him to drop it.) Never try to pull anything away from the dog, use your command instead.

3) You must be in control of the game. You decide when to play. Keep the toy out of sight in between games. You should win at least most of the time. When you decide you′ve had enough, simply say "that′s enough" and ask the dog to "drop it." Always stop immediately if the dog gets too excited or puts his mouth on your hand.

Another game you can play is hide and seek. There are two ways to play this game; either you can hide and encourage your dog to find you, or