How To Choose Your Dog

Author : Valentina Bellicova

So you′ve decided to grow your family. Chance meetings with dogs are on the increase. At the magazine stand a friendly pooch stares out of the pages at you. Late night reruns are suddenly awash with dogs - from Turner and Hooch to 101 Dalmatians! Even your friends are gushing about their new furred family addition! Your heart has been played and a dog it is. Now what? Where do you go to get a dog and how do you select one?

Your options are many and may be as simple as accepting a puppy as a gift from a friend who′s just been blessed with a new litter. Chances are this is not going to be the case. Your choice should be governed by several considerations. Lets go over some of the logistics:

1. Have dogs always been part of your life? If so you can proceed with a slightly higher degree of certainty and comfort as to what you are looking for. More than likely you will want a dog of similar size, breed and temperament as the one you grew up with. If you′ve never owned a dog before, you may want to do some homework first.

2. Do you live in a house with a yard, a townhouse or a condominium? Although I have seen big dogs on city streets it is my opinion that they are best suited for a house with a yard. All dogs like to be played with but a big dog is best played with out in the yard where there is more room for him to romp around and run without having to be careful about furniture and furnishings. Small dogs on the other hand can play tug of war and other games in the house without disrupting your decor.