How To Ease Separation Anxiety Between You And Your Pup: Three Easy Steps

Author : Lisa Albanese

Let′s face it; as much as our dogs depend on us, we depend on them just as much. Love, companionship, and playtime are all things that people depend on their dogs for just as much as their dogs may depend on them. For this reason, leaving your dog home alone for extended periods of time while at work or on vacation can cause a variety of problems for both pet and pet owner.

Separation anxiety is real, and it affects our four-legged friends too. The difference between you and your pet in this instance is that while you know that the two of you will soon be reunited, your pet probably doesn′t have this type of forethought and so it is important for humans to be as accommodating to their canine companion as possible in this aspect.

Pets experience separation anxiety on a variety of levels. Some pets are perfectly fine with being away from their owners for extended lengths of time whereas other pets may fall into a deep depression. Even worse, there are those mischievous little guys out there who seek to tear up everything in your home that is important to you, perhaps in the hope that y