Peppermint for Cats!

Author : Morgen Marshall

Now is the time of year to get Peppermint Extract. Yes, Peppermint extract. Why? What if your cat needs to go to the veterinarian? What if your cat gets into a fight or eats too much turkey? What about that kitty breath? Nerves?

Catnip is in the same plant family as Peppermint, so this makes a lot of sense.

I′m finding all kinds of uses for Peppermint extract in my emails. If you need to bathe your cat for some reason, instead of getting your felines wet at this cold time of year, why not rub a little Peppermint extract on them? It eliminates the offending odor and works much better than vanilla or other, milder extracts you might already have in your kitchen. It helps settle their tummies and freshens breath. It seems to soothe the cat′s nerves a little bit and helps them find sleep. In the act of washing it off her fur, kitty will get enough extract to help with hairball elimination-not by lubrication, but by relaxing the digestive tract.

Indicators: If you have a cat that had to go to the veterinarian, came home and is the target (or makes another cat the target) of hostilities, wipe all the cats down with Peppermint extract. It will eliminate that "hospital" smell that makes the other cats uncomfortable. The cats will get along better, and the vet visit will be forgotten that much quicker.

Your cats get involved with a passing kitty and end up fighting between themselves because of scent, not visual cues. Wipe them down with Peppermint extract and they will calm down.

You get a new cat for Christmas - wipe them all down to mask the new kitty′s smell. Your cats will smell the same and the introduction will go more smoothly.

So, get to the grocery store, go down the baking aisle and get a bottle or two of Peppermint extract. Keep it on hand year ′round.

I don′t suggest using this for a long time because it′s made with alcohol, but for short term use, it′s fine.