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Train Your Dog To Stop Chewing On The Wrong Things(2007-02-26)

Most dogs go through a phase where they will chew on anything that will fit in their mouth. There are also dogs that don′t even grow out of the chewing phase. There are even some breeds that have a tendency to chew more than other breeds....

Egyptian Mau - The Facts Every Owner Of This Cat Breed Should Know(2007-02-23)

A breed of cat as old as recorded history, the Egyptian Mau (′Mau′ means ′cat′ in Egyptian) can be seen in the artwork of the ancient Egyptians. It is thought that Egyptian Maus are descended from species of the African Wild Cat...

Wooden Dog Kennel Flooring(2007-02-21)

It is a delight having a pet dog. It is fun chasing him around and teaching him tricks. But there is a price to pay. Your backyard is full of holes he has dug up. Plus, he brings the mud inside your home...

Hearing and Your Pet(2007-02-19)

Ever catch your cat staring at a blank wall and wonder why? More than likely she was listening to sounds coming from inside the wall. Did you know that a "whole tone" (like in music) that we can hear, a cat hears it as 10 separate tones. Dogs on

Black Labradors - A Special Companion(2007-02-16)

Dog lovers everywhere have their favorite breed; that very specific canine they hold nearest and dearest to their heart. Black Labradors continues to be one of the most popular breeds chosen as pets; their friendly nature, beautiful coats, and playful ene

Tips On How To Potty Train A Puppy(2007-02-14)

Getting a puppy is a wonderful decision for just about everyone. However getting a puppy also means that you will soon be taking on the task of having to potty train it. While potty training a puppy can seem like a rather rotten chore to take on. It reall

Cat Myths: What People Misunderstand About Cats(2007-02-12)

Cats are popular pets in any home. But there are many people that still do not understand them and their behaviour. This can lead to people taking an abnormal dislike to cats which is unfair on these adorable animals. Some of these people would have a gre

Can My Cat Catch a Cold?(2007-02-09)

If you are like me, you probably have never had a cat with a cold, but cats with colds are fairly common.
How does a cat get a cold? The first thought that comes to mind is "can my cat catch my cold?"...

Chihuahua Dogs-Ferocious, Smart And Lovable(2007-02-08)

Chihuahua dogs trace their ancestors to the Aztec civilizations in Central America and Mexico. The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. It is named after the Chihuahua State in Mexico. Current historical thought says the Chihuahua, like the h

Dogs and Playtime(2007-02-05)

Dogs are very much like little children. They only have three things in mind: to sleep, to eat and to play. They run around the house, expect their masters to fumble and tumble with them and generally require that they have their special toys too....

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