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The Abyssinian Cats coat is fine. dense. silky and soft. The coat may have two or three dark bands of ticking and be medium in length. The eyes are slightly slanting. expressive large. almond-shaped highlighted by a dark line surrounded by a lighter area. The color of the eyes can be green. amber or hazel. The large. alert ears are set wide and cupped. The head does not have flat planes and is like a wedge slightly rounded. The muzzle is not square or pointed sharply. The Abyssinian cat medium size cat that is lithe. balanced and muscular. The legs are finely boned and slim with small. compact paws. The tail is long. tapering and thick at base.


The Abyssinian Cats comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The solid cats are usual (ruddy). blue. sorrel (red). chocolate. fawn. lilac. red or cream. The silver colored cats are blue. usual (ruddy). sorrel (red). chocolate. fawn. lilac. red or cream. The tortoiseshell cats are usual. blue. chocolate. fawn. lilac. silver and variations of these colors. The United Kingdom and Europe recognizes the silver Abyssinian. but the United States does not.


The Abyssinian Cats may be one of the oldest cat breed and its true origins are a subject of controversy. however. one theory is that these were the cats resemble the paintings on the ancient tomb walls in Egypt. The Abyssinian name is from the country to the southeast of Egypt. which today is known as Ethiopia. The Abyssinian Cats retains the appearance of the African wildcat felis lybica. Another theory suggests that the cats were brought to North America from England in the late 1800s early 1900s. The Abyssinian Cats who were used in the basis for the breeding programs in America were brought from England in the late 1930s.


The Abyssinian Cats are considered to be shorthaired. The Abyssinian has a lifespan averaging 9 to 15 years. This particular breed may have a litter of only three or four kittens. The coat of the kittens when they are born is dark and lightens as the kitten grows and the ticking develops after the kittens are a few weeks old. The Abyssinian Cats are loyal. curious and intelligent. This energetic cat is not a lap cat. The Abyssinian is very playful. enjoys hunting and loves freedom.


The Abyssinian Cats coat is easy to maintain.



Abyssinian-The Facts Every Owner Of This Cat Breed Should Know(2007-01-24)

A wild looking cat, the Abyssinian is thought to be one of the oldest breeds in the world. Though paintings of them have been found in ancient Egyptian art, their exact origins are unclear. Some believe they came from Ethiopia (formerly called Abyssinia)

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