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The American Bobtail can be shorthair or longhair. The shorthair American Bobtail has a coat that is semi-dense and medium in length. It has a double coat and is non-matting. The longhair American Bobtail has a coat that is slight shaggy and medium to long in length. It has a double coat and is resilient. The eyes are deep set. large and almond-shaped. The eyes can be any of the eye colors but mainly yellow. green. gold and copper. blue in bi-color/van or odd-eyed in white. The American Bobtails ears are medium in size with a wide base and rounded tips. The head is broad and in proportion to the body without flat planes. The brow is distinct with a rounded forehead to eye ridge. The nose is wide. The muzzle is well defined and broad with a strong chin. The neck may appear short because of the musculature. The body is long with a full broad chest. The hips are wide and slightly higher with defined shoulder blades. The legs are of good length and in proportion to the body. The tail is usually half the length of the average cat.


The American Bobtail can come in any color or color combination. The colors or patterns that enhance its wild look are preferred. These body patterns are desirable in smokes and lynx points. These cats may also have buttons or lockets.


The history of the American Bobtail dates back to the late 1960s. When a short-tailed stray was found in Arizona and brought home. This cat was from unknown parentage. This cat mated with a sealpoint Siamese female and some of the kittens had the short tails. This proved that the bobbed tail was a dominant gene. This cats and his offspring were then mated with different breeds including the Ragdolls. Birmans. Himalayans. and Siamese. This new breed was called American Bobtail. In the 1980s the line due to inbreeding was becoming unhealthy and the breeders changed their methods to breed with random-bred domestics that have the right look. no longer using pedigreed breed in the breeding programs. This new breeding program allowed them to achieve the look of the feral cat with a domestic temperament.


The American Bobtail is a medium to large sized cat. This cat is known for its feral or wild look. They are kind. loving and very smart. They may be easily leashed trained. The American Bobtail is easily adaptable and will get along well with most dogs. They also make good travel companions for truck drivers. if they are introduced at a young age. The American Bobtail is very well behaved and is great with children and work well in treatment programs. These cats love to play games and can be active for hours. The American Bobtail is relatively quiet. but when they get happy they will chirp. click and trill. The American Bobtails have a slower development and gradually matures over three years.


The shorthaired American Bobtails is relatively simple to maintain. Grooming at least once a week is recommended to remove dead hairs. The longhaired American Bobtails do require some extra grooming. A thorough combing is recommended two to three times we


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