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The American Curl Cats coat is silky and soft. The coat length may either be long or short with a minimal undercoat. The eyes can be all colors and are rather large and walnut shaped. The ears are wide at the bottom and open curving to the back. The head sort of longer than it is wide and the nose is straight. The muzzle is rounded with a firm chin. The American Curl is a medium size cat that is balanced and muscular with medium length legs and a tail that is flexible.


The American Curl Cat comes in a variety of colors. color combinations and patterns. The solid cats are white. black. blue. red. cream. chocolate. lilac or blue-cream. The silver cats are chinchilla silver or shaded silver. The golden cats are chinchilla or shaded. The cameo cats are shell or shaded. The tortoiseshell cats are smoke. shell or shaded. The smoke cats can be black. cameo. chocolate. lavender. cream. blue-cream. or chocolate tortoiseshell. The tabby pattern cats are classic. mackerel. patched. spotted tabby. ticked tabby. brown patched. blue patched. or silver patched. The tabby cats are silver. red. brown. blue. cream. blue-silver. cream-silver. chocolate silver. lavender silver. or cameo. The point color cats can be seal. seal lynx. chocolate. blue. blue lynx. blue-cream lynx. lilac. lilac-lynx. lilac-cream. lilac-cream lynx. flame. cream. cream lynx. tortoiseshell. blue-cream. chocolate lynx. chocolate-tortoiseshell. chocolate-tortoiseshell lynx. or tortoiseshell-lynx. The bi-color or van bi-color cats can be black and white. blue and white. red and white. or cream and white. They can also be calico. dilute calico. van calico. van dilute calico. tabby and white.


The history of the American Bobtail dates back to the late 1960s. When a short-tailed stray was found in Arizona and brought home. This cat was from unknown parentage. This cat mated with a sealpoint Siamese female and some of the kittens had the short tails. This proved that the bobbed tail was a dominant gene. This cats and his offspring were then mated with different breeds including the Ragdolls. Birmans. Himalayans. and Siamese. This new breed was called American Bobtail. In the 1980s the line due to inbreeding was becoming unhealthy and the breeders changed their methods to breed with random-bred domestics that have the right look. no longer using pedigreed breed in the breeding programs. This new breeding program allowed them to achieve the look of the feral cat with a domestic temperament.


The American Bobtail is a medium to large sized cat. This cat is known for its feral or wild look. They are kind. loving and very smart. They may be easily leashed trained. The American Bobtail is easily adaptable and will get along well with most dogs. They also make good travel companions for truck drivers. if they are introduced at a young age. The American Bobtail is very well behaved and is great with children and work well in treatment programs. These cats love to play games and can be active for hours. The American Bobtail is relatively quiet. but when they get happy they will chirp. click and trill. The American Bobtails have a slower development and gradually matures over three years.


The American Curl Cats coat is relatively simple to maintain. Regular brushing and checking the ears regularly is recommended.


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