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The American Shorthair Cat comes in a variety of colors. color combinations and patterns. The solid cats are white. black. blue. red. cream. or blue-cream. The silver cats are chinchilla silver. shaded silver. blue-chinchilla. or blue-shaded. The cameo cats are shell. shaded. cream-shell. or cream-shaded. The smoke cats can be black. blue. cameo. tortoiseshell. or blue-cream. The tabby pattern cats are classic. mackerel. patched. brown patched. blue patched. blue-silver patched or silver patched. The tabby cats are silver. red. brown. blue. cream. cream. blue-silver. cameo. or cream-cameo. The tortoiseshell cats can be chinchilla-shaded. shaded. dilute chinchilla-shaded or dilute shaded. The bi-color can be smoke and white. black smoke and white. blue-smoke and white. tortoiseshell smoke and white. shell-cameo and white. shaded cameo and white. smoke cameo and white. tabby and white. silver-tabby and white. silver-patched tabby and white. cameo tabby and white. brown tabby and white. brown patched tabby and white. blue tabby and white. blue-patched tabby and white. red-patched tabby and white. cream tabby and white. The van bi-color may be black and white. red and white. blue and white or cream and white. The American Shorthairs may also be calico. dilute calico. van calico or van-dilute calico.


The American Shorthair developed from the very first cats that arrived in the 1600s with the Puritans to America from England. These cats were referred to as domestic cats. They were well suited for a tough life and were experts at rodent hunting. These cats became valued members of family household by the 1700s and were even portrayed in family portraits. A British artist named Harrison Weir documented in 1889 that some cats were even employed by the US Post Office to ward of rats and mice from the mailbag. When a cat employed by the US Post Office had a litter of kittens the Postmaster could request for increased food supply for them. The first Domestic Shorthair to be registered was an imported British Shorthair Red Tabby. This cat was mated in 1904 to a great American cat. The kitten was Smoke and was named Buster Brown. This breed continued to develop for the next 60 years. The Domestic Shorthair breed name was changed to the American Shorthair in 1985.


The American Shorthair is smart. curious. and active. They are recognized in over eighty different colors and patterns. The American Shorthair can be very easy-going and lovable. These cats adjust well to dogs and kids. The American Shorthair has a sturdy build with males reaching a weight of eleven to fifteen pounds and females about eight to twelve pounds. They reach full growth size at about three to four years old and live about twenty years with proper care and good diet.


The American Shorthair Cats coat is easy to maintain. Regular combing is recommended.


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