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The Burmese Cats coat is short. fine and glossy. The eyes are large. round and wide set. The eye color is usually yellow to gold. The ears are wide at the base and medium in size. The head is round with no flat planes. The muzzle is short and broad with a firmly rounded chin. The body is medium and compact in size with legs in proportion to the body. The tail is medium in length and straight.


The Burmese Cats come a variety of colors. These colors are sable (brown). champagne (chocolate). blue. and platinum (lilac). The sable is warm and rich shading to a faintly lighter hue. The champagne is warm honey beige with shading to soft gold tan. The blue is a medium blue with warm brown undertones. The platinum is faint and silvery gray with faint brown undertones.


The British Shorthair is recognized as one of the oldest English breed of cat. Its ancestry can be traced back to the domestic cat of Rome. This cat was first valued for its strength and hunting attributes. but soon became known for its calmness. loyalty and stamina. This cat is very rare in the United States. In the 1980s the British Shorthair was recognized for championship competition by the CFA. Many of these cats are being imported today from. New Zealand. Australia. Ireland and England to increase the gene pool for US breeders because of the gaining popularity of this cat.


The Burmese Cats are active. friendly and smart. The Burmese Cats may appear clumsy at times when they try to do things beyond their abilities. These cats can be trained to travel if started early. The Burmese love children and will tolerate dogs. These little guys use their expressive eyes seductively to win you over. The Burmese love to be fussed over and will happily stay in your lap and may talk to you if encouraged. These cats are very active as kittens and will remain lively well into adulthood. The Burmese Cats that compete in the show ring are the cats that are more compact with rounder heads.


The Burmese Cats coat is relatively simple to maintain. Extra grooming is recommended.


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