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Cornish Rex


The Cornish Rex Cats coats are short. silky and noticeably wavy. The eyes are medium sized. oval and slant slightly upward. The head is egg shaped with a narrow. rounded muzzle and high cheekbones. The ears are full at the base and rather large. The body is muscular with long. slender legs. The tail is long and flexible. The Cornish Rex is a small to medium sized cat.


The Cornish Rex Cats comes in a variety of colors. color combination and patterns. The solid cats are white. black. blue. red. lavender. chocolate. cream. or blue-cream. The silver cats are chinchilla or shaded. The smoke cats are black. blue. red. cream. chocolate. lavender. blue-cream. tortoiseshell or calico. The bi-color cats are black and white. blue and white. red and white. cream and white. brown tabby and white. blue tabby and white. silver tabby and white. red tabby and white. cream tabby and white. black smoke and white. blue smoke and white. red smoke and white. cream smoke and white. lavender and white. tortoiseshell and white. blue-cream and white. chocolate and white or any pointed and white. The tabby pattern cats are classic. mackerel. or spotted. The tabby cats are patched. patched and white. brown patched. blue patched. silver patched. silver. red. brown. blue. or cream. The cats can also be calico. van calico. dilute calico. dilute van calico. van bi-color. or pointed.


The Chartreux Cat has a long history that legend says dates back to the Middle Ages. The Carthusian monks of France bred these cats at the Monastery of La Grande Chartreuse where the cat was named. Recently it is said that the Charteux Cats are named because of their woolly coat of fur and was given this name after the Spanish wool (pile de Chartreux) of the 18th century. There is definite documentation of their existence dating back to the 16th century in which these cats were noted for their unusual coat color and texture. The French breeders crossbred to Persians and British Shorthairs to try to save the breed from extinction during World War II. Before the War some Chartreux were imported to the United States and a pure breeding program was started. Many of these cats being born today in America today are being returned to French breeders to help purify the breed in France. This exportation to France reduces the availability of the breed in the United States.


The Cornish Rex are intelligent. affectionate. loves people and participating in family life. The Cornish Rex is an elegant looking cat that is anything but aloof. They are really active and can be inventive in play. even tossing and playing with things. The Cornish Rex loves to play games such as fetch and catch. These cats are not hypoallergenic and still have pet dander. The Cornish Rex sheds as well to renew its coat. just not as much.


The Cornish Rex Cats coat requires gentle brushing and you can use your finger to set the waves.


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