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Havana Brown


The Havana Brown cats are a rich. warm brown color. The brown is more of a red-brown than a black-brown and the whiskers are brown and turn white with age. The kittens and adolescents may have ghost tabby markings.


The Exotic Shorthair cat was developed successfully by the 1960s. The goal in developing this breed was to be a Persian type cat with less grooming commitments. British breeders would use British Shorthair cats and outcross to Persians every fourth generation. American breeders used the Burmese and then later the American Shorthair to develop this breed. There was no outcrossing to the British Shorthair and Burmese after 1968 in the breeding programs. The Exotic Shorthair cat is like the Persian in temperament and physically except the coat. which is thick. plush and short.


The Exotic Shorthair cats are gentle. loving. playful and curious. These cats do not constantly want attention. but require more attention than some of the other shorthair breeds. The Exotic Shorthair cats have Persian qualities of good-nature and distinction. They may follow you from room to room. These cats love to play and will play until they are exhausted. You may find that the male Exotics are more loving than the females. Sometimes the females can be remote. The Exotic Shorthair cats mature late and stay playful as adults.


The Exotic Shorthair Cats coat is easy to maintain. Thorough daily brushing and combing is recommended.


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