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The Korat Cats coat is silky and thick with only a single coat. The coat length may be short to medium in length. The eyes are luminous. over-sized. large. and well rounded. The color of the eyes are usually green. but when the cats are young the color changes. The large ears are set high and alert and have a rounded tip. The head looks heart-shaped from certain angles with the eyebrows forming the upper curves. The Korat Cat has a profile that is well defined and a strong jaw. Its body is muscular and legs are in proportion to the body. The back legs are slightly longer than the front. The tail is medium in length. tapering and thick at base. The Korat is a medium sized cat and the females are smaller than the males.


The Korat Cats are the color of silver-tipped blue. The hair at the roots is lighter then moves to deeper blue and then to silver at the tips. There should be no shading or tabby markings in order to be show quality. Colors that may occasional occur from a recessive dilute genes are lilac. blue point or lilac point and these cats are called Thai Pointed variations or Thai Lilac.


The Javanese cats were developed from the Siamese. Colorpoint Shorthairs and Balinese about 1978. The product was a new color Balinese cat or Balinese in Colorpoint colors. The Cat Fanciers Association did not recognize these new colors and points of the Balinese because the Balinese breed just had the four-color groups. In 1979 they were turned down by the CFA but were told that they would accept registration under a new breed name. The name of Javanese was created because of the closeness of the island of Java next to Bali. This breed was recognized as the Javanese in 1979 and began doing shows. The standard by which they follow is the same as the Balinese. By 1986 Championship status was granted to the Javanese.


The Korat Cats are very loving. gentle and playful. They have a remarkable ability for scent. sight and hearing. These cats dislike sudden harsh or loud noises. This cat is a definite lap cat. they prefer to be as close as possible to their owner and forms a special bond. The Korat adjusts well with other cats although likes to be the leader. These cats are also very gentle with children. When the cat is petted the hair does not fall off quickly. therefore people with cat allergies may be able to reside in same area as these cats. The Korat is a quietly vocal cat. If a wedding couple in Thailand is gifted with a pair of Korats. the couple has good fortune and happiness.


The Korat Cats coat is relatively simple to maintain. Regular brushing and combing is recommended.


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