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Norwegian Forest Cat


The Norwegian Forest Cats have a double coat that is thick. The undercoat is woolly and the overcoat is smooth and water repellant. The eyes are large and round and can be all colors. The head is like a triangle with a straight profile. The neck is short and heavy. The chin is firm and the ears are medium to large. rounded at the tip and alert. The body is well muscled and the tail is long and bushy.


The Norwegian Forest Cat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The Solid cats can be white. red. cream. black. and blue. The Silver cats can be chinchilla and shaded. The Golden cats are chinchilla and shaded. The Cameo cats are shell (red chinchilla). shaded (red shaded). The Tortoiseshell cats are shell. smoke and shaded. The Smoke cats are black. blue. cameo (red smoke). blue-cream. and cream. The Tabby Pattern cats are classic. mackerel. patched. spotted. and ticked. The Patched Tabby cats are brown. blue. blue-silver and silver. The Tabby can be silver. red. brown. cameo. cream. cream-silver. blue-silver and blue. The Norwegian Forest Cats can also be white with colored portions or tabby. tortoiseshell. blue-cream. and smoke/shaded/shell. They can also be calico. bi-color. van bi-color. and van calico.


The Norwegian Forest Cat origins can be traced back to the days of the Vikings and before. These cats that migrated to Norway in primitive times are thought to be descendants of the Skogkatt. which was a short haired cat of Southern Europe. The Norwegian Forest Cats adapted to the climate and survived. These cats were useful in farms for catching rodents. It was not until the 1930s that the Norwegian Forest Cat came into favor in Norway. A movement was started to protect this national breed. but was delayed during by World War II. In 1970s a breeding program was once again started for the Norwegian Forest Cats. In 1977 this cat was finally recognized as a pedigreed cat. Today the Norwegian Forest Cats are often seen at cat shows and have gained popularity in many countries. especially Scandinavia.


The Norwegian Forest Cats are considered to be semi-longhair. The male cats weight can be up to 20 pounds and the female cats are around 12 pounds. The cats are alert. energetic. and love people. The Norwegian Forest Cats do not like to be confined indoors. These cats are great hunters and love to tree and rock climb. The Norwegian Forest Cats are slow to mature and may not reach full maturity until 4 to 5 years of age. Their life expectancy is 15 to 20 years with good care.


The Norwegian Forest Cats coat is easy to maintain with occasional combing.


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