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The Oriental Cat can be a shorthair or longhair. The shorthair Oriental cats coat is short and the hair is fine. The longhair Oriental cats coat is medium length and fine with a downy undercoat. The medium-sized eyes are slightly slanted and almond-shaped. The color is usually green with no flecks. but may be orange or blue. The large ears are pointed and wide at the base. The head forms a triangle from the nose to the tips of the ears. The skull is flat. The nose is straight and long with a fine muzzle and long slim neck. The body is long with great bones and hard muscles. The females may be smaller than the males. The legs are long and slender with front legs shorter than the hind legs. The long tail is thin at the base.


The Oriental cats come in a variety of colors. color combinations and patterns. The solid cats are blue. chestnut. cinnamon. cream. ebony. fawn. lavender. red. white. blue-cream. fawn-cream and lavender-cream. The silver cats are blue. chestnut. cinnamon. cream. ebony. fawn. lavender. parti-color and red. The Smoke color cats are blue. red. chestnut. cinnamon. cream. ebony. fawn and lavender. The tabby pattern cats are classic. mackerel. spotted. ticked and patched. The tabby cats are blue. blue silver. cream. cream silver. cinnamon. cinnamon silver. chestnut. chestnut silver. ebony. ebony silver. fawn. fawn silver. lavender. lavender silver. red and red silver. The color point and white cats are seal. blue. chocolate. lilac. cinnamon. fawn. red. cream. tortoiseshell. shaded. smoke. lynx and silver lynx. The tortoiseshell cats are cinnamon. chestnut and ebony. They can also be pointed and van pointed.


The Oriental cats originated from Thailand. These cats were formerly known as the Foreign White in the United Kingdom and Europe. The Oriental cats are similar to the Siamese. This breed of cat was developed to explore different colors and patterns. In the 1960s crossbreeding the Siamese with native cats like the American shorthair. British shorthair and European shorthairs developed the shorthair type Oriental cats. Since that time only Siamese have been crossbreed with the Orientals. In 1977 the Oriental were granted championship status and became very popular. In 1995 the longhair Oriental was also accepted into the breed.


The Ocicat is considered to be a shorthair cat. The Ocicats are very active cats that look wild but are very affectionate. These cats can be independent but not enough to be left alone for a long time. They are very loyal and devoted to its owners. They may be very talkative and friendly with visitors. The Ocicats are extremely intelligent and can be easily trained to walk on a leash. fetch. and react to voice commands. These cats adjust well to traveling and other cats or dogs. Although the Ocicats may look exotic they are simple to keep with no special care required. The average litter size for a mother cat is three to four kittens.


The Oriental Cats shorthair coat is relatively simple. You can use a soft glove or solid rubber curry type brush. The longhair coat requires extra grooming. A good steel comb or brush would do with long sweeping strokes.


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