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Ragamuffin breed




The Ragamuffin cats come in any color. pattern. bi-color or multi-color.


The Oriental cats originated from Thailand. These cats were formerly known as the Foreign White in the United Kingdom and Europe. The Oriental cats are similar to the Siamese. This breed of cat was developed to explore different colors and patterns. In the 1960s crossbreeding the Siamese with native cats like the American shorthair. British shorthair and European shorthairs developed the shorthair type Oriental cats. Since that time only Siamese have been crossbreed with the Orientals. In 1977 the Oriental were granted championship status and became very popular. In 1995 the longhair Oriental was also accepted into the breed.


The RagaMuffin cats have a calm and patient personality making these cats easily adaptable. These cats make a great family pet and are wonderful with children. The RagaMuffin cats are not lazy. but you may find them curled in you lap. They are very sweet cats and love to get attention. They may follow you around and welcome you if you have been gone. These cats love to play. They have a long life expectancy and reach maturity around 4 years. The RagaMuffins are large cats. The males usually are larger weighing on average 15 to 20 pounds with the females weighing 10 to 15 pounds.


The RagaMuffin cats are relatively easy to groom because the coat does not clump or mat readily. Daily brushings with a soft brushing is recommended.


8Trailer : Adorable Female Ragamuffin, Cocoa
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