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The Ragdoll cats come in a variety of colors. color combinations and patterns. The Ragdoll cats are all pointed. The point colors can be smoke. shaded. solid. lynx or tortoiseshell lynx. These point colors can be blue. seal. chocolate. lilac. red. cream. blue-cream. lilac-cream. seal tortoiseshell. chocolate tortoiseshell. seal-tortoiseshell lynx. chocolate-tortoiseshell lynx. blue-cream lynx and lilac cream lynx. The points may also have van pattern or bi-color pattern.


A group of cat breeders developed the Ragdoll cats in California in the 1960s. A white female longhaired cat with Siamese markings was breed to other longhaired cats with Siamese markings. These cats were then selected and breed with the look they wanted to achieve. Some of the breeders then registered the Ragdoll cats with the cat association. These cats were previously referred to as Cherubim. It is possible that the Ragdoll cats may have some link with the Birman and Burmese cats.


The RagaMuffin cats have a calm and patient personality making these cats easily adaptable. These cats make a great family pet and are wonderful with children. The RagaMuffin cats are not lazy. but you may find them curled in you lap. They are very sweet cats and love to get attention. They may follow you around and welcome you if you have been gone. These cats love to play. They have a long life expectancy and reach maturity around 4 years. The RagaMuffins are large cats. The males usually are larger weighing on average 15 to 20 pounds with the females weighing 10 to 15 pounds.


The Ragdoll Cats coat is relatively simple to maintain. Regular brushing with a soft brush is recommended.


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