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Scottish Fold


The Scottish Fold Cats coat maybe short hair or long hair and is plush. even. and dense. The short hair is usually short to medium-short and the long hair is medium-long to long. The eyes are large. well rounded and wide-set with a cute expression. Usually the eye color corresponds with the color of the coat. It has a rounded head and firm chin on a short neck. These cats have a short nose with a gentle curve. The ears are usually folded downward and forward. The body is well rounded and of medium size with short legs. The tail is medium to long and is flexible and tapers to the tip.


The Scottish Fold Cats are found in a variety of coats and patterns. The Solid cats are white. black. blue. red. cream. blue-silver. or blue-cream. The silver cats are chinchilla or shaded. The golden cats are chinchilla or shaded. The cameo cats are shell or shaded. The smoke cats are black. blue. or cameo. The tabby pattern cats are classic. mackerel. spotted. ticked. or patched. The tabby cats are silver. blue-silver. blue-silver patched. red. brown. blue. cream. or cameo. The cats can also be tortoiseshell. calico. dilute calico. or bi-color.


The first Scottish Fold was found in 1961 by a Scottish Farmer. This little white spotted kitten had folded ears. This cat when it was mated produced folded ear kittens. The gene that produced the folded ears was dominant. Eventually the British Blue Shorthair was bred into this foundation breed and developed what is now known and the Scottish Fold. The Scottish Fold is popular in the United States and is relatively unknown in the United Kingdom. The only allowable outcross breeding for the Scottish Fold Cats are with the British Shorthair and the American Shorthair.


The RagaMuffin cats have a calm and patient personality making these cats easily adaptable. These cats make a great family pet and are wonderful with children. The RagaMuffin cats are not lazy. but you may find them curled in you lap. They are very sweet cats and love to get attention. They may follow you around and welcome you if you have been gone. These cats love to play. They have a long life expectancy and reach maturity around 4 years. The RagaMuffins are large cats. The males usually are larger weighing on average 15 to 20 pounds with the females weighing 10 to 15 pounds.


The Scottish Fold Cats coat is relatively simple with regular brushing is recommended. These Cats ears will also need to be checked often.


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