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Most visited cat breeds :

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Egyptian Mau breed

Egyptian MauThe Egyptian Mau Cats coat dense. glossy. and silky. The coat is medium in length. The eyes are large. almond-shaped and slanting slightly toward the ears. The color of the eyes is light green. The large. alert ears are medium in size with short close-lying hair. The head does not have flat planes and is like a wedge slightly rounded. The muzzle is not short or pointed sharply and the chin is firm. The Egyptian Mau cat is medium size cat that is muscular. The legs are proportionate to the body. The tail is medium long. slightly tapering and thick at base.

Himalayan breed


Munchkin breed


Ragamuffin breed


Siamese breed

SiameseThe Siamese cats cat are considered to be a shorthair cat breed. The coat is short. glossy and fine in texture. The medium-sized eyes are almond-shaped and slightly slanting toward the nose. The eye color is a clear blue. The large ears are wide at the base and pointed. The medium-sized head is similar to a long tapering wedge with a long and slim neck. The medium-sized body is long with hard muscles. The legs are long and slender with small paws. The tail is long and thin.

Singapura breed


Somali breed


Turkish Angora breed

Turkish AngoraThe Turkish Angora Cats have no undercoat and its coat is fine and silky. The length of the coat is medium and wavy on the underside. They have almond shaped eyes that are large and slant upwards slightly. The preferred eye color is amber and may have flecks of green. The White cats can have blue or odd-eyed (one of each) colors and the Silver Tabbies are required to have green. The Turkish Angora Cats have a firm chin that is rounded with a slim neck. The nose has no break and is medium long. sometimes having a gently slope. The ears are wide. tall. erect. and set high. The body is medium to small with a long torso. The tail is usually long and wide and is carried lower than the body.

Burmese breed

BurmeseThe Burmese Cats coat is short. fine and glossy. The eyes are large. round and wide set. The eye color is usually yellow to gold. The ears are wide at the base and medium in size. The head is round with no flat planes. The muzzle is short and broad with a firmly rounded chin. The body is medium and compact in size with legs in proportion to the body. The tail is medium in length and straight.

Chartreux breed

ChartreuxThe Charteux Cats have a coat that is medium short. soft. and dense. The texture is slightly woolly with a resilient undercoat. The eyes are large. open. and round. The colors can vary from copper to gold. but orange is ideal. The head is rounded and large with full cheeks. short nose. and a narrow muzzle on a short neck. The ears are medium in size and set high and straight. The body is well muscled with broad shoulders and straight. sturdy legs. The tail is heavy at its base and tapers to the end. The Charteux females are medium size and the males are larger.

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