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Cornish Rex breed

Cornish RexThe Cornish Rex Cats coats are short. silky and noticeably wavy. The eyes are medium sized. oval and slant slightly upward. The head is egg shaped with a narrow. rounded muzzle and high cheekbones. The ears are full at the base and rather large. The body is muscular with long. slender legs. The tail is long and flexible. The Cornish Rex is a small to medium sized cat.

Devon Rex breed

The Devonshire Rex Cat has a coat that is short. soft. and fine with a rippled wave effect. The eyes are large. oval. wide-set and sloping toward ears. The eyes can be any color but usually minks have an aqua color and color points will be blue. The very large ears are wide and set low. The head is a modified wedge. which is a littler longer than wide. The cheeks are full with defined cheekbones and the muzzle is short. The chin is strong with a long slender neck. The body is medium in length with a broad chest and sturdy legs. This cat is hard and muscular. The long tail is fine and tapering.

Exotic Shorthair breed

Exotic ShorthairThe Exotic Shorthair Cat has a coat that is medium in length. The coat is soft. dense and plush. The undercoat is thick and the hair is not close lying. The large eyes are round and bright setting level and apart. The color reflects the color of the coat. The small ears are slightly forward and round tipped. They are set wide and low on a huge. round head. The Exotic Shorthair cats have a nose that is short and wide with full cheeks. The body is large or medium in size with a wide chest. The legs are short and strong. The tail is short and usually carried with a curve.

Havana Brown breed

Havana Brown

Japanese Bobtail breed

Japanese BobtailThe Japanese Bobtail Cat has a coat that is either short or long that is silky and soft with no undercoat. The eyes are large and oval and color usually reflects the color of the coat. The head is long and chiseled with high cheekbones and a long nose. The muzzle is broad and rounded with a full chin. The ears are large. set wide. and upright. The torso is long and muscular with slender legs. The tail is unique to each cat and may be have curves. kinks or angles. The female Japanese Bobtails are medium in size and the males a little larger.

Maine Coon breed

Maine CoonThe Maine Coon Cats coat has no undercoat and is waterproof. thick. and dense. They have full eyes that are rounded and have a slightly slanting aperture. The eyes can be all colors as well as odd-eyed and blue in white cats. The cheekbones are high with full cheeks. solid chin. and square muzzle. These cats have a slightly concave nose. with large. high. wide set ears. The body is long in the back with a long. tapering bushy tail and legs and paws that are substantial. The tail is usually carried high.

Manx breed

ManxThe Manx cats coat is shorthair or longhair. The shorthair is dense and short with a cottony undercoat. The longhair is dense and medium length with a double coat. The large eyes are round and the color depends on the color of the coat. The medium-sized ears are wide at the base and set somewhat outward. The head is round with defined cheekbones and a strong chin. The muzzle is a little longer than it is wide. The body is medium-sized and compact. The back forms an arch from behind the head to the curved rump. The males are slightly larger and maybe longer than the females. The front legs are shorter than the hind legs. The Manx cats usually have no tail. but may have a full tail. short tail or a rise.

Norwegian Forest Cat breed

Norwegian Forest CatThe Norwegian Forest Cats have a double coat that is thick. The undercoat is woolly and the overcoat is smooth and water repellant. The eyes are large and round and can be all colors. The head is like a triangle with a straight profile. The neck is short and heavy. The chin is firm and the ears are medium to large. rounded at the tip and alert. The body is well muscled and the tail is long and bushy.

Oriental breed

OrientalThe Oriental Cat can be a shorthair or longhair. The shorthair Oriental cats coat is short and the hair is fine. The longhair Oriental cats coat is medium length and fine with a downy undercoat. The medium-sized eyes are slightly slanted and almond-shaped. The color is usually green with no flecks. but may be orange or blue. The large ears are pointed and wide at the base. The head forms a triangle from the nose to the tips of the ears. The skull is flat. The nose is straight and long with a fine muzzle and long slim neck. The body is long with great bones and hard muscles. The females may be smaller than the males. The legs are long and slender with front legs shorter than the hind legs. The long tail is thin at the base.

Pixie-Bob breed


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