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Ragdoll breed


Russian Blue breed

Russian Blue

Savannah breed


Siberian breed


Snowshoe breed


European Burmese breed

European BurmeseThe European Burmese cat has a coat that is short and fine. There is almost no undercoat and the texture is satiny. The large and alert eyes are set apart with a slight slant toward the nose. The eyes are a bright yellow to amber. The medium-sized ears are wide at the base and are set apart with a small forward tilt. The head is somewhat rounded with wide cheekbones and a strong chin. The body is medium in size and length. The chest is strong and the body may be hard and muscular. The European Burmese cats may be heavier than they appear. The legs are slender and the tail length is medium.

Javanese breed


Nebelung breed

Ocicat breed

OcicatThe Ocicats coat is thick and short. It is close-lying. smooth. satiny. and sleek. The eyes are large and almond-shaped. They can be all colors except blue. The Ocicats ears are large. pointed. and alert. The head is a modified wedge with a broad muzzle. The Ocicat is a medium to large sized cat that is long-bodied. balanced and muscular with medium length legs and a slim tail that is long and tapered.

Sokoke breed


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