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Sphynx breed

SphynxThe Sphynx Cat coat is not precisely hairless. These cats do have a fine suede-like coat that is soft and warm to the touch. There may be areas of fur on the tip of tail. above the brown or around the toes. The Sphynx Cat has a large wide head with a slender neck. The ears are set tall and open. They have large eyes that are slightly slanting and high rounded cheekbones. The legs are long with thick rounded paws. The tail is long. slender and whip-like. The skin may be wrinkled between the ears. around the muzzle and shoulders. Most of the time they do not have whiskers. The Sphynx is a medium-sized cat that is sturdy and well-built cat.

Tonkinese breed


Turkish Van breed

The Turkish Van Cats coat has no woolly undercoat and soft. long. and silky with a seasonal coat. They have oval eyes that are larger and animated. The eyes can be blue. amber. or odd-eyed (one of each). The cheekbones are high with a rounded chin and neat rounded muzzle. The nose has a downward curve with large. high ears that turn slightly to the side. The body is long with a broad chest and powerful legs. The tail is usually medium length and is brush or plume.

Persian breed


Scottish Fold breed

Scottish FoldThe Scottish Fold Cats coat maybe short hair or long hair and is plush. even. and dense. The short hair is usually short to medium-short and the long hair is medium-long to long. The eyes are large. well rounded and wide-set with a cute expression. Usually the eye color corresponds with the color of the coat. It has a rounded head and firm chin on a short neck. These cats have a short nose with a gentle curve. The ears are usually folded downward and forward. The body is well rounded and of medium size with short legs. The tail is medium to long and is flexible and tapers to the tip.

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