F.A.Q. Behavior

    We will try to answer the most common questions based on users information and experiences. Share your knowledge with us if you beleive you can help with new and usefull information. Use this information only as a guide and report to us if you find something wrong. We hope you find something usefull here.




1 - My cat likes to bite

"your cat thinks its part of playtime. You could try something like this,
Say "ouch!" loudly and walk away. After a..."


2 - My Cat Keeps Scratching At Doors

"The main problem door for attention seeking cats is the bedroom door. Often the owner finds it easier to allow the..."


3 - Can My Cat Stay Out In All Weathers

"Cats have a fur coat to keep them warm and are equipped to survive normal weather conditions. Some breeds, such as the..."


4 - My house smells like cat

"There are cleaners and spray on the market (Pet Department) that are made for this. However, I have found that..."


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