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I dog breeds

Ibizan Hound breed

Ibizan Hounds are used primarily as hunting or retrieving dogs, but make good companions. Well rounded and good-natured, these dogs are rather quiet and get along well with children. A very sensitive breed, they can become destructive if left alone.

Irish Setter breed

The Irish Setter is a very high energy and intelligent breed; this dog is full of life. Can be somewhat high strung, but are sensitive as well. A very loveable breed that enjoys being around people. Jolly, giddy, and stubborn are used to describe this beautiful breed. Will surely be a joy to own.

Irish Terrier breed

Originating in Ireland during the 1700s, the Irish Terrier is one of the oldest Terrier breeds. An adept hunter and exterminator of den animals, this breed also served as a wartime messenger and retriever. They were never favored by aristocracy, but were extremely valuable to the Irish farmer for their work ethic, guarding abilities, and companionship.

Irish Water Spaniel breed

The Irish Water Spaniel is considered to be a rare breed and is the tallest of the Spaniels. They originated in Ireland in the mid 1800s for use as game retrieval from water as well as land. This breed was exceedingly popular in 1875, but over the years has been replaced in favor of the Labrador Retriever. The Irish Water Spaniel is now an uncommon and difficult to obtain breed.

Irish Wolfhound breed

The Irish Wolfhound is generally even tempered, patient, and intelligent. This breed is loyal and good with most people. Due to his size, this breed should not be left with infants unsupervised as he is so large, he could easily knock a child over.

Italian Greyhound breed

The Italian Greyhound was brought to Europe by the Phoenicians when it was later developed by the Romans. This breed was a favorite by Catherine the Great of Russia. This breed is now most commonly seen in a family environment, as a companion. The Italian Greyhound can be very shy and timid; however can also be destructive in an endearing way. Harsh punishment is sure to drive this dog into submission, so gentle handling and correction is a must.