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K dog breeds

Keeshond breed

The Keeshond is a member of the Spitz family. They have an Arctic origin that dates back to the 18th century. Their sole purpose was that of a popular family pet. This breed is compact, muscular, and extremely reliable. Keeshonds excel at being a watchdog, show dog, and companion.

Kerry Blue Terrier breed

Kerry Blue Terrier The Kerry Blue Terrier is a playful, vivacious, alert, and boisterous breed. Will bring a lot of joy to the lives of many. This breed makes a good companion animal, and is generally good with other animals if properly introduced. The Kerry Blue Terrier does show protective instincts, and does make a good watchdog, however will not attack unless provoked.

Komondor breed

The Komondor is self assured, protective, and pretty serious. This beautiful dog likes people, is very affectionate, but is wary towards strangers. However, he will warm up quickly if the person poses no threat. This assertive breed is great for guarding flock.

Kuvasz breed

The Kuvasz is incredibly intelligent, is very devoted and loyal, and makes an excellent working dog. This breed does have a strong protective instinct over his family and territory, which makes him a good watchdog.