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F.A.Q. Behavior

    We will try to answer the most common questions based on users information and experiences. Share your knowledge with us if you beleive you can help with new and usefull information. Use this information only as a guide and report to us if you find something wrong. We hope you find something usefull here.


Cat Breeds A-Z

    We will try to accurately describe the personalities and physical characteristics of most cat breeds, and help more peolpe to make the right decision when purchasing a cat!


Rescue Cats

    We decided to provide a list of some rescue groups to promote their great work and recommend adoption from a rescue group or shelter as a good source for obtaining a cat of the breed you have chosen. If you have a rescue website please contact us!



Choosing the "Perfect Cat" - You may have heard the saying, "You own a dog, you feed a cat." It's true that cats value their independence a bit more than their canine counterparts. But if you've ever been around cats, you already know they crave and require love and companionship.

Cats make wonderful pets and most will easily adjust to a variety of lifestyles and living spaces. Every cat is a true individual, though, so it's important to take the time to choose a four-footed friend who's right for you. A cat's personality, age, and appearance, as well as the kinds of pets you already have at home, are all things you should keep in mind when making your selection. The Humane Society of the United States




Cats Temperament - First of all, a domestic cat is a highly intelligent and fiercely independent creature. It can never be placed on a leash the way dogs are. Cats do things they want to do and when they want to do it. They will demand the things they want, such as food and play. And they will also make it clear when they want to be left alone. Thus, the owner of a cat cannot expect his pet to do "work" for him.

Different breeds of cats have different personalities. Some cats are quiet while others like to meow all the time. Can you tolerate a cat who meows almost every hour? Some cats are fussy and choosy about the food you give them while others will eat just about anything. Can you afford the kind of food that your cat prefers? Some cats don't mind being surrounded and petted by strange people while others will wield their claws if they face a person they haven't met before. Does your house accept many strangers or are you alone most of the time? And some cats love to climb and curl on the lap of their masters. But others prefer to be left alone, watching TV or listening to the radio


Cat Training

Before we start training our cats to do something or to stop doing something, we need to look at how cats learn. They don't understand English, they can't read books or attend lectures. They learn by experience. If the experience is good, they will try to repeat it. If the experience is unpleasant, they will try to avoid it in the future. They enjoy raking the furniture with their claws, so they continue to do it. But it's quite a shock when they stick their nose in a candle flame, so they won't do that again.


Exercise your Cat

In this day and age, physicians cannot stress enough the benefits of a regular exercise program:

Controls weight Increases energy Improves circulation Enhances lung capacity Oxygenates blood Improves heart rate Builds strong muscles Increases joint mobility Improves your mood Helps with sleep The list goes on and on...

You may not have given it a great deal of thought, yet our animals reap the exact same benefits that we do when it comes to exercise. In addition, a scheduled exercise plan can help to burn nervous energy and reduce boredom for your dog or cat, which can serve to make them less likely to destroy things. Your cat may run through your home or play with a toy on his or her own, and your puppy might chase an animal in your backyard or play with his frisbee. Yet this is, sadly, all too often the extent of their exercise program. That is why it is up to us as their owners to be certain that they are getting the exercise they truly require.